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  • What is a boardwalk and what is the purpose of it?

  • A boardwalk is an elevated footpath, walkway, or causeway that enables pedestrians to provide safe passage over uneven terrain, wet, fragile, or marshy land, beaches, wetlands and parks. They are also in effect a low type of bridge that offer accessibility and protect the natural environment.

    This type of trackway has existed since at least neolithic times.

  • Why should I use your company for my boardwalk project?

  • We have extensive experience in designing, supplying the products and/or building high-quality boardwalks from a range of different materials.

    With a national service, our team of experts ensure attention to detail, durability and customer satisfaction throughout the project. We can work with your budget and make sure you have the best project for your needs.

  • What type of boardwalks do you offer?

  • We offer a range of boardwalk solutions, including timber boardwalks, composite boardwalks and REVIVE Recycled Plastics for your boardwalk, which is super strong, durable and as elegant as wood.

    Recycled plastic is eco-friendly and easy to work with. It’s also waterproof, weatherproof and totally maintenance free!

  • Do you have a national coverage across all the UK?

  • Yes, with multiple offices and depots, we build boardwalks or supply the materials across the whole of Great Britain.

  • What are the advantages of building a boardwalk from recycled plastic?

  • Strong and durable. Our REVIVE Recycled Plastics are available in many forms, and ideal for both day-to-day use and heavy-duty industry. Weather can’t harm it.

    Totally maintenance-free. It's weatherproof, chemical-resistant and doesn't rot, rust or corrode - so no need to treat it or paint it (and it'll withstand all seasons too).

    Safe & eco-friendly. It's recycled, so good for our planet - but it's toxin-free too, so no chemicals will leak into the environment.

    Economical. Our recycled plastic is unbeatable when you compare price with performance. It lasts longer without needing maintenance or replacing, and has an exceptional price-quality ratio.

  • Are your boardwalks guaranteed?

  • Yes, our REVIVE Recycled Plastic is guaranteed for 20 years. That's because, unlike with other materials, we know our recycled plastic will last and last... and last.

    If building from wood or a combination of wood and/or composite, guarantees will depend on the product being used.

  • Are your boardwalks suitable for commercial projects?

  • Yes, our boardwalks are suitable for various settings, including nature reserves, parks, tourist attractions and commercial developments. We cater to projects of all sizes and scales and our REVIVE Recycled Plastics are splinter-free so it’s safe enough for kids' playgrounds and schools.

    We will work with the project team closely to meet timescales, budgets and expectations.

  • Are your boardwalks suitable for residential projects?

  • Yes, our boardwalks are suitable for various residential settings such as country gardens. We frequently work with garden designers and landscape architects to build pond dipping platforms, walkways near natural swimming pools and small pedestrian bridges and boardwalks between areas where ground is wet, waterlogged or needs protecting.

    Plus our REVIVE Recycled Plastics are splinter-free.

  • How long does it take to build a boardwalk?

  • The construction time for a boardwalk depends on many factors, such as the size, complexity and site conditions. We provide project timelines during the planning phase and our experienced team works efficiently to complete the project within the agreed timeline.

  • Will there be any microplastics when building a recycled plastic boardwalk?

  • No, we have been working with recycled plastic for many years and we have developed building methods to stop any microplastics.

  • Do you provide installation services, or do I have to assemble the boardwalk myself?

  • Yes, we provide installation services for our boardwalks. Our skilled teams can handle the entire installation process, ensuring that the boardwalk is securely built and meets all safety standards.

  • Can I buy pre-assembled boardwalks?

  • Yes, through our sister company REVIVE Recycled Plastics, we can supply you with the parts required for you or a contractor to build.

    Our materials are eco-friendly and cost effective and waterproof, weatherproof and maintenance free. We’ll also help you or your contractor with installation and talk you though the process.

  • Are your boardwalks environmentally friendly?

  • Yes, as well as using traditional, sustainable wood, we’re big advocates of harnessing the many benefits of recycled plastic.

    REVIVE Recycled Plastics are super strong, durable and as elegant as wood, recycled plastic is eco-friendly and easy to work with. It’s also waterproof, weatherproof and totally maintenance free!

  • Do you only construct and supply boardwalks?

  • Designing, constructing and installing boardwalks and bridges for a wide range of commercial sector and private clients is just one of the many services we offer.

    Maydencroft is an environmental consultancy and contracting company that creates, restores and maintains beautiful landscapes, where people and nature can thrive.

  • Are you insured?

  • Yes, Maydencroft is fully insured with Public and Products Liability Insurance of up to £10m, Employers Liability Insurance for £10m and Professional Indemnity for our designs for up to £5m. Certificates can be provided on request.

  • What assurances do I have that you’ll do a great job?

  • As well as having years of experience in designing and building boardwalks, we also have many accreditations, that audit us every year. These include Constructionline, Safe Contractor, Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS), Property Care Association, UVDB Achilles, as well as Internationally recognised standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. Certificates can be provided on request.

  • How long has your company been going?

  • Maydencroft is an environmental services company, was founded in 2007. We create, restore and maintain landscapes, urban areas and green spaces. Designing, constructing and installing boardwalks and bridges for a wide range of commercial sector and private clients is just one of the many services we offer. Please see our success stories for more info.

    Our sister company, REVIVE Recycled Plastics, that supply many of the materials that we use, was founded in 2019. We launched REVIVE Recycled Plastics because we've had extensive practical experience working with this remarkably versatile material, and wanted to share its benefits with the world.

  • How do I get a quote?

  • Simply email or phone us and we will be able to give you a quote on any boardwalk project. Email or phone us on 0800 157 7707