About Maydencroft Boardwalks

We’ve years of experience in building boardwalks.

Welcome to our family of expertise, with clients ranging from local authorities, conservation groups and charities, to contractors and private estates.


Boardwalks are our speciality. We’re the experts to trust, whether you want 
a truly unique boardwalk planned, designed and constructed to your own specifications – or whether you’re after a cost-effective ‘off the shelf’ boardwalk, fitted and installed with zero hassle.

Through our partner company Maydencroft, we’ve concepted and constructed many stunning, long-lasting structures for all the major conservation groups across the UK, as well as for local authorities and private clients.

We’re proud to have long-term contracts with a number of local authorities to install boardwalks and improve access in rural areas. In fact, since Maydencroft’s formation 2007, we’ve built several hundred – see just a few of our success stories.

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Responsibly sustainable

As well as using traditional, sustainable wood, we’re big advocates of harnessing the many benefits of recycled plastic. We do this through our other partner company, Revive Recycled Plastics.

Super-strong, durable and as elegant as wood, recycled plastic is eco-friendly and easy to work with – with the added advantage that it’s waterproof, weatherproof and totally maintenance free.

Our family of companies


An environmental services company formed in 2007, Maydencroft creates, restores and maintains landscapes, urban areas and green spaces. Designing, constructing and installing boardwalks and bridges for a wide range of public sector and private clients is just one of the many services we offer.

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Revive Recycled Plastics

Revive was established to make robust, economical and eco-friendly recycled plastic easily available for all kinds of use. We sell a broad scope of products and parts for many diverse clients – from street furniture and equestrian equipment to playground apparatus, landscaping, industrial and construction materials. 

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